Large Boat Ship

Queen Mary Large-Scaled Model Ship with Display Case

Queen Mary Large-Scaled Model Ship with Display Case

Queen Mary Large-Scaled Model Ship with Display Case
Are you looking for a perfect display combination? Our Queen Mary model and display case combo will sure to set your home or office apart! Painted in red, white and black, this model was 100% handcrafted from scratch using the â??

Come with as many windows as original, itâ?? S amazing that the craftsmen be able to finish the model within a couple hundreds of hours. Looking at the deck, you will see 3 painted smoke stacks, a dozen of lifeboats on each side, masts and flag poles. If you look closer, there are many different stairs connected main decks and others.

All the doors and stairs and made of brass. All railings and the air vents are painted white. The wood used on the deck is very fine. S not one big piece of wood; instead, there are many pieces of wood put together.

You can even see the different grain in the wood use. The model is fully assembled and come with a wooden stand with metal nameplate.

It is just the perfect gift for home or office decorator, boat enthusiast or passionate collector. This beautiful display case was made out of hard wood and painted in dark mahogany color. It has distinctive designs that add elegance and beauty when displayed in your home or office.

It comes with plexiglass panels on all sides. Assembly is required for the display case model and is included in the packaging.

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  • Brand: Old Modern Handicrafts Inc (OMH)
  • Style: Custom
  • Width: x L: 44.75
  • Size Type: Regular
  • Length: 44.75
  • UPC: 640901137520

Queen Mary Large-Scaled Model Ship with Display Case